Light Fixture Turned Hanging Flower Planter

I think it’s so awesome when creative people think outside-the-box and completely transform something into another function.  Erin of DIY On the Cheap did just that, when she upcycled an old light fixture by removing the “guts” and turning it into a hanging planter.

Once Erin removed the inner parts and cord from the existing light fixture, she gave it new life with a fresh coat of chrome spray paint, turned it over, added twine, and hung it up.  Of course to finish off the planter, she added a beautiful and colorful planted flower.  What a unique and creative result!  What I love about projects like this is how it inspires others to take a typical item and change its function into something completely different. To see how Erin made this Light Fixture Turned Planter, visit her at DIY On the Cheap.

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